Ohan Hominis — Why Poetry?

People have asked me why is it that you do what you do?
And I say what is it that I do?
And they say the poetry, and the art gatherings
And I say oh, the poetry, yes, good, I thought you might have been talking about one of the other things that I do, one thing in particular came to mind that I thought you might have been asking about and I thought, well this is going to be an interesting conversation, how might I begin to explain this without anything near to what might be considered the right setting for such an undertaking, but yes, wonderful, the poetry, surely, which is a weight off my shoulders of course because I began to wonder how best to relay such a concept, which is in itself so abstract, while attempting to convey even only the notion of the correlation between that concept and what exactly it is that I do before you find yourself horribly appalled and utterly befuddled, but of course the pressures of doing so are immediately alleviated upon hearing that you are simply curious about the poetry. So, yes, the poetry, well, it’s very fun.