Jemy Francillon — The Ignition

Within thirty minutes the key is absorbed into the ignition.

Your spaceship roars to life, you can feel it churning and breathing all around you.

Inside of you.

Your whole body electric and ready to launch.

Instead, you stretch

breathe deeply

and prepare for the trip.

Your eyes, head lights in the most basic sense, shine from the inside of the vessel out through the sky which now serves as windshield.

In a few moments more, you have lift off, soaring through the space of your mind.

The chaotic wonders of the universe yours to behold as you move through the constellation of clouds.  The rolling hills seeming like soundwaves created by the music echoing through your chest.

Every thump a peak and every chorus a grove.

The groove etches grooves into the sides of rock.

The trees swaying in tune.

Even the streams sync their flow.

Your body feels light as it moves big with the weight of the planet.

No terror forming as you plant your bare feet with the flora on terra firma.

You work in concert with your ship and in turn, your organic carrier folds around you so that you are two of one.  When you breathe, as does the entire earth.

Looking back at the clouds, they turn into white wisps of fire—with flames licking at each other then curling back into themselves.  Never extinguishing, these enduring flames just morph into each other in an infinite inferno.

Carried by Gaia in her stellar womb, you've no choice but to feel at home, your place woven through string on an interstellar loom.  Her celestial body, your vehicle.  Connected to all things, you reach out to touch all there is.

There is no room for reticence in this residence. 

The electric surges start to mount again.

You crouch down low to the ground.

This time you do launch, exploding upward, then forward.

You bolt across the sun loved earth—tasting swaths of greens, yellows, blues, and violets you've never seen before.

Communicating at a particular level—you converse via your cell's traverse across the collective consciousness. 

Bonded with nature and those around you, each shared letter a mastered piece to be felt with your eyes.

We seek spectacles to remind us.

We don these new eyes to re-mind us. 

To rewire the shorts that fault us. 

To circumvent the negative circuitry that stalls us. 

To remove the resistors that restrict us. 

To undo the governors that stymie the strength of our minds, allowing for the appreciation and use of the wild and ever-expanding universe surging, swirling, and charging within us.

Tap dancing across dimensions, you toss the mentions of time around like the run on joke that it is. 

Taking stock of the grand scale of what is swarming in and around you, above you and in the minutiae below you, an almost overwhelming urge to articulate in order to comprehend nearly consumes you. 

Aware of the arrogance in thinking you could quite capture it, you take solace in knowing you're embarrassed to try.

And try you do. 

Remember always your place on this tapestry.  While we may feel like a Colossus straddling entire worlds and realms, it is important to tread like clouds on this earth.  Enormous in reach but delicate in stride.

Slowly, the flames in the clouds take their rest from dancing.  The music softens, allowing the groves, hills, and streams to catch their breath.  The vibrant frenzy of hues subdues.

Your ship coasts ever gently, settling it's engines.  Burning so clean, they never again turn off - instead they'll idle always, generating a soft but certain glow.  The afterburn of your first flight.