Dan Shin — An Off Brand Beauty

Walking on top of mountains

From one peak to the next

Staring out 

Expecting to see life but instead


Climbing sand dunes

And walls not formed by man

Where am I? I wonder constantly


Sometimes physically, but mostly mentally

In the best way

What ecstasy it is to reach the peak

Today it is a literal peak

Isolation was my goal, 

And this view is my reward

I am everything I want to be 

Here on this peak, on this unforgiving ground, on this sun baked drive

I have the perfect car to pack in all of these ambitions

She takes the punishment of the unpaved roads with grace

And wears the arid dirt like a badge of honor,

My Luna

And the perfect partner to follow me to the desert,

To the the truest friends the destination is null

The drive is nothing, 

When there is talk of books and Spanish poets and Transcendentalist writers 

Talk of work's plight and the elusive ideal job

Talk of how desperately we ached for this trip

This is my meditation

Talk of the pangs of missing home and missing out

But the journey and the independence being worth it

Like this road to nowhere

A road to salvation

Talk of psychology and humanity

I realized this is what it means to be human

To search within 

To search around 

To find beauty

Then recreate it 

To empty your soul

To be free

To go up, to go down, then come back again

Through crisp mountain roads past sleeping lakes to lonesome desert highways,

How lucky are we to have wild ambitions 

And then to see them fulfilled

How tragic it is to have to return to monotony

Until the next trip

Until the next desert 

Until the next salvation