Ohan Hominis — Ignore These Words

Ignore these words

these insignificant scribbles

the scrawlings of the overread observer

inspired by greatness

aspiring for the chance at a voice.

These curled lines turned wavelength

in minds outside of mine

which shaped them.

I'm grappling with images to draw your attention

towards my observed perceptions of what makes a thought.

The absurd connections obscured by imperfect projection

of a medium too large which from my limited experience I might wrought.

So ignore these words.

Overlook my attempt to turn your eyes to prisms

so I might paint your mind a picture of a man

hunched over a notebook

pen in hand,

make you think the black and white of ink on pages

is anything but just misbegotten attempts to seem sage.

I'll likely write my best poetry after I die,

once I regain my post natural perspective

reclaim my lack of identity,

if only I could live to tell the tale of death.

Deconstruct this unlearning till nothing was left

then reconstitute the need for knowledge

and relay some truth

as my body lay drained of youth with one last breath.

Let that one thread, a shred of cosmic string

vibrate in the ears of civilization

echo through time

if my lips could be butterfly wings

to whirlwind that truest notion

loud enough to drown out

the commotion of earth.

If these scrawlings could only contain some latent truths

instead of just blatant failures at attempts to soothe myself

in midnight meditations over too much coffee

but not enough to drink

and therefore still trying to think

instead of submitting to subconscious plays

to make sense of senseless realities flying past our waking days,

but this offers no clarity on my insanity,

waning ramblings

on draining a sense of self

to pages that never asked for the weight of ink

staining their once clear conscience

representing their failed attempts at abstaining from pettiness.


Ignore these words

these insignificant scribbles

the drivel of a madman

Just look them over.