Allison Guerra — Optimistic Morphology

Optimistic Morphology

"Try to stay optimistic,"
They say.
As if a positive mindset
can change reality.
Alternative facts
don't make me hopeful
for a future
a good one.

And after all
What is optimistic?
'I' 'Opt': as in out
as in choose not to be involved
"If things are negative I'll
choose to be positive."
And what a privilege this is
To avoid the bad news,
like the plague
while your brothers and sisters
are drowning, reaching for your hand that's idly
opting out.

'Mis' I don't care.
Misplaced emotions.
The mis of confusion,
consciously or otherwise
is still an offense.
Misused power
is a nice way of saying:
abuse of power.
So mis, don't forget it.

A 'Tic' is a habit
A rhythm set off by
a pattern of actions.
Like the facade of smile
When in an uncomfortable place.
A desperately hinged jaw
struggling to maintain the weight
Of those pearly whites.
Or an outburst, followed by a feigned apology
Making amends without making a mend.
Let this weigh on you, heavy,
While you stay

Call me a cynic
but you can keep
your optimism, 
your hope & prayers, 
your well wishes, 
your "wait and sees," 
your democracies
and I'll keep
My fight.


 After the first poem I submitted (Unrequited Morphology) I decided to explore other words that could be broken down in similar/dissimilar ways. I envision a series of morphology poems dedicated to unpacking some of my most inner thoughts. In this piece, I write to my friends and family who repeatedly have told me to "wait and see" about a certain man in office. I'm ready to fight, not wait.
Alli Guerra is a comedian and writer in NYC. She studied at the People's Improv Theater and Magnet Theatre, and performs with her improv troupe "Punch" throughout the city. She's ready to fly, whatever that means.