Brian Peel — Cut Corners

The expression cutting corners typically translates as a short cut to hard work or taking the easy way out. I wanted to shed an optimistic light on this phrase, embracing spontaneity. It's also a warning against a way of life which may be right for others, but isn't for all. Learn to know what's right for you.

Literally cutting the corners off of a square and expanding it to 3d gives you a sphere. You have to keep moving to stay on top, to keep the spontaneity rolling. It's how I've been living my life and this is how I express it.

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Brian Peel — Diamond and the Rough

When turning the phrase diamond in the rough into a poem, I used baseball as a platform metaphor to talk of a battle between opposing forces. (A David and Goliath in a way) One force being the brute strength of a hitter and all his arrogant might. The other being the precision and finesse of a pitcher. 

Diamond is also used as a baseball reference for a field as well as the phrase no-hit or no-hitter which mean a perfect game without any hits. The lines which talk of fire, backdraft and taking the batter's breathe away was intended to reflect a fast ball blowing by. 

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