Dan Shin — Ode to Spring

If only you would come back
The rains would start again
And fill the trees with life
My heart would fill up again

I would sprout newborn leaves of joy on my arms
My skin like desert soil would be wet with dew
If only you would call
I would wake up to your falling whispers

And smile with eyes closed
I would use your warmth as my umbrella
Your kisses as my morning bed sheets -
To flee life's daily manifestations
If only the world could see your face
The heavens would open and drop to earth
The clouds would part
The flowers would leap towards the sun
And so would I
I would walk more
I would read more
I would write with meaning

And with every shade that grows brighter
And every smell stronger
And every sound louder thereafter
The world would emanate beauty
In honor of you.
In early Spring -
I walk past birds chirping in the lonely trees
As I patiently wait for the season's rains.