Dan Shin — Sing, Oh Graceful Robin

Sing, Oh Graceful Robin

Sing, oh graceful robin
Sing because it is morning
Or because it is midday
Or because night approaches
Sing, and let your song echo through each branch and limb of my heart
Let it resonate
Let it ring! ring! ring!
Sing loud and shrill over the garbage trucks and lawn mowers and
Any other tool that reeks of human folly
Which attempts to conquer Nature
Sing your song, oh graceful bird
Whose words took millennia to write
And have traveled through your ancestors
Sing for Walt Whitman
Sing for Henry David Thoreau
Sing! Sing! Sing!
We all have a song to sing but
You vow to awake and sing it daily
Sing for your children and generations unborn
Sing and teach them to sing
Sing and teach me to listen
Sing! Sing! Sing!
Oh graceful robin