Daniel Sukumar — A Guide to Personal Killings

A Guide to Personal Killings

If you want to kill someone for revenge,
For the type of revenge that needs death and not blood to quench it.
Use your fist and punch him to the ground like a falling mop stick,
when he falls take your bare foot against his neck
Hold it till you can feel a vein, till you can feel a pulse.
And when you can feel a pulse crush the windpipe along with it
It takes 28 seconds for a man, not to die but to give up,
And just as his tears hit the floor give him one more chance to breathe.
You see hope is the most heartless punishment of all.
Then crush his trachea and watch his pulse fade away
like a cloudy sunset with the light's gone too early.
If you want to make it personal look into his eyes
as he dies make sure you are the last thing he will ever see.

If you want to kill someone for fun,
not get too involved and watch from a distance…
set him on fire,
Use kerosene and not petrol.
You see petrol vaporizes but kerosene
falls into the next layer of skin before burning the last one.
They say once when all the sensory nerves on your skin is burnt
you can see yourself burning and not feel pain.
Beyond that point there is no saving you.
The brain melts through the ears
as the heat travels upwards like a chimney on fire.
If you want to make it personal, tie him up flat to the ground
or tie him upside down.
Just to keep him alive a little longer as he burns.

If you want to kill yourself, hanging yourself is the best way to go.
But let's make it interesting.
A plastic thread, some industrial strength glue and spoon of phosphorus
Step 1: coat the plastic thread with phosphorus.
After you have put your neck around that plastic noose
Dip your palm in the industrial glue and press them
against your face and then jump off a chair
like a baby bird taking its first flight.
The weight of your body forces the thread through your neck like butter.
The water in your blood burn the phosphorus with the thread,
the last and the never to be seen evidence.
And you would fall to the ground with your head in your hands.
When they find your body it would look like you pulled your own head out.
They could see the desperation of sadness on your decomposing body.
If you want to make it personal, don't leave a suicide note
and watch your brother blame himself everyday for the rest of his life for not giving that hug.

If you want to kill someone, be up close and personal, use a small knife.
Tie him up to a pole and flay him.
You see flaying is a process of skinning a man alive,
when he is still breathing and kicking.
Start from the skin at the edges of your nails.
They say the person usually dies when you work up to his shoulders.
Some faint from the pain.
But controlled shots of boosters can keep him alive much longer.
And if you want to make it personal don't cover his mouth
let him scream, let him beg.

But if you really want to enjoy your kill,
something to satisfy the hungry maggots beneath your skin.
To inflict a pain that would scare someone like your own self.
Fall in love with him, make sure that you are his first love.
Talk to him day and night, weeks and years
until the little voice in his head begins to sound like yours.
Change him to the point where in the next 7 years
he would have your imprint in his femur,
your scent all over his hands, even if he doesn't want to.
Hold the back of his neck when you kiss him
and collapse in his arms and watch him hold you like a fish out of water.
After the first time you have him in your bed,
make some Maggi and eat it under the sheets.
Then when the time comes begin to push him away,
cry, cry so hard that it makes him so guilty
that he bleeds from his belly of all the butterflies you gave him.
Tell him that he is no longer the reason of your smile
and that he is just a hurt within your bones.
Watch him shrink into a bundle of his own blood vessels
when he begins to hate his own existence, his every heartbeat.
If he is lucky enough he will nail himself to the cross
even though the hope of his resurrection never existed.
If he is unlucky he will walk away
Even though he walks away, don't you worry,
for you have accomplished far more than just death.
But if you want to make it personal
never give him a reason when you leave.

Just leave!