Dylan Nanayakkara — Chasing Cars

Chasing Cars

Day in, day out, same old, same old,
Nothing new, nothing different, nothing bright, nothing bold,
Never questioning, asking, why we are here,
Forever listening, obeying, believing what we're told.

Gods will, some might say, it is 'cos it is,
Good is good, bad is bad, like always it has been,
Is it true?, Like they say, ignorance, is it bliss?
Some say no, I say yes, I'm sure of this.

Tied down you will stay even if you wag your tail,
The truth is harsh, it is difficult, it is strange, it wont change,
You get no meals, you wont be fed, don't trust and depend,
Try to look, try to see, try to be, try to change.

In the end, aren't we all just like a pack of dogs?
Running, running after distant cars,
If we catch them, what do we do? what do we gain? what is it worth?
Do not question, keeping on running, keep on running, running fast...


Dylan is a Filmmaker, Writer and Human Being


Photo Credit:  Tyson Dudley

Photo Credit: Tyson Dudley