Dylan Nanayakkara — How Ironic

How Ironic

Living in a world, so vast, so strange,
Our lives seem so fickle, so pointless, so vain,
Could we but try to control, to change,
A world so large, still our souls feel caged.

They banter, they bargain, they make such a fuss,
So we are compelled, to believe, to trust,
In end our trust is crushed by their lust,
They stand triumphant, have fooled all of us.

Smite down the young, smite em down fast,
A never-ending cycle, the fates they're cast,
Their souls, they are ravaged, to live in the past,
The burdens of war, forever shall last.

Once loved, but forgotten, feelings no more,
No love is displayed, unlike before,
A point where it ends, no more left to go,
Feelings so tender, all turned to woe.

To base our beliefs in divine force,
But we are betrayed, they are but a pose,
The solutions shall corrupt and lead to our woes,
Once our messiahs, but now our foes,,

The good that exists shall make us all pay,
The bad overflows, it destroys, it decays,
Lives that so static, reflects on our ways,
It all seems so ironic, I really must say.


Dylan is a Filmmaker, Writer and Human Being