Dylan Nanayakkara — Your Darker Days

Your Darker Days

I look up at stars and sigh,
Why cant the earth below me grow as bright,
I sigh and turn away at the sight
The world's a shitty place, I think to myself, and cry,
The beauty hidden beneath, withered and dying.
The grey of the night, must fade away to light,
And as such our lives have a similar plight,
I look aside at the dirt, the dark and the garbage bins,
I focus tight on the gems within,
How must one live, struggle to survive,
When the world around us claws and cries,
To look away and focus on the things that shine so bright,
Can you decide if we ever might?
Try to see and see the light,
Look away and it wont shine as bright,
Try to see and be the change,
Simply be and the world won't seem so strange.


Dylan is a Filmmaker, Writer and Human Being