Helmalie Gunathilaka — Solitude

Black and White


Black and white
shadows and light
play with the mind
many shades of grey
unsure and infinite
crowding sanity
choices irresolute
as hesitancy abounds

but sometimes somewhere
the glisten of a tress
the plane of a cheek
the curve of a lash
grasps the heart in a fist
definitely, lucidly
as sure as a heartbeat
as unfailing as breath

the blacks and whites of life...



the setting sun slants
amber streaks on the panes
the world holds its breath
and the treetops are still

stillness is a cat
dozing on the window sill
stillness is a lark
free-floating in the breeze
minutes blend together
and the hours are one
when heartbeats echo
and silence is profound

a ripple in the pond
a cloud over the sun
and magic scatters quickly
as soon as it begun

the cat saunters off
with a glance and a yawn
and dusk wanders in
gathering its purple gown


Helmalie Gunathilaka is a writer, artist, poet and a book addict. She writes in both English and Sinhala.

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