Jannah Berkley — Shopping For a Funeral Dress

Times Square, New York City { 9 . 5 . 2015 }

{ 1st Try }
Leafing through neons
I scour for black
Vampira on duty
Times Square is always too bright
but tonight it’s offensive
Minnie, keep your head on
don’t show me your regular human face
bored expression
I want your cartoon enthusiasm
I want that animated delusion that spaghetti shared is a prelude to a kiss
a kiss that makes the earth reverse its orbit
and tells the birds to French braid your hair
your hair that I can climb up as a metaphorical tower
or a tower made of flagstone
I love this song
I want that neon top
I can’t-

{ 2nd Try }
Zagat makes a food guide
Magellan makes the maps
Who writes the guide on how to choose the funeral dress?
Who writes the guide to mourning?
Is it wrong to get on the same subway
and eat the same meal
and laugh at a sex joke
and run a practical errand?
Should time stop?
Should I make it stop?
I keep looking at the neon orange spaghetti strap dress
but my hands are draped in black
4 primetime shows
6 youtube channels
6 magazine special issues
4,026 websites
on how to say yes to the pearl-encrusted-corset-bodice-princess gown
95 shades of white
2,015 ways to say yes to the white dress
but no authority on the black one.

{ 3rd Try }
Mermaid silhouette, ball gown, strapless, off-the-shoulder, long lace train, tulle-full or silk-smooth, eggshell, cream, ivory, alabaster


It is bleak
and unspecific in specificity