Jannah Berkley — Waiting for the Plane Bathroom

Waiting for the Plane Bathroom
Mid-air, Colombo-New York { 1 . 15 . 2015 }

while waiting for the WC,
I find ballet comes naturally;
balance en pointe is real easy
without the weight of gravi-

tea in your cup?
want it filled up?
sleep she disrupts
spills with abrupt
re-cline of his fore-seat.

the sleepers dream
of pillowed heads;
no metal seams
in comfy beds.

the walkers by
stretch out their thighs
rubbing their eyes
praying time flies
right past the ear-pop landing.

push beep
chair squeak
back creak
food bleak
babe shriek
fat sheik
blubbers over armrest.

while waiting for the WC
a business goon explains to me
the shift in the economy
is why he sits economy
first class is where he's meant be.
I wonder which fraternity
gave birth to this absurdity
who thinks he's scoring points with me
by bringing up his salary
that pays for front row balcony
seats at theaters in NYC
he frowns, points down at my bent knee
and rates my pointe an artless B
leaning too close, when finally
click, swoosh,  


gotta pee.


Jannah is a part-time writer-creator and a full-time ginger-traveler. She is the founder of a new women's collective called The Muliebrity.

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