Kate Kozlova — Fishtanks & Portraits

Young fingers reach
In search of a “peach”
Denied by Crayola
To the sound of Beethoven’s viola
Don’t Worry!
Just shade orange over pink
And in an eye’s blink
You’ve learned to shade
Don’t worry! It won’t fade
Under the parade
Of watercolors...
Fishtanks and portraits
Each one so important
Each jellyfish unique
No dull days for me this week
The only rule is--
Don’t critique
Your friends’ artistic technique.
Just focus on your hands, heart, and paper--
You are its master landscaper
Imagination is the key
To set your creativity free
Shoot it into the branches of that tree
Sure, you can add a silly goatee
To that grinning face
Everyone works at their own pace
THIS is my happy place
I am Miss K-- “K” in upper case.