Kel Celestine — Visual Meditations

The work that I create is a meditative channeling experience. When I sit down to create, I do not concern myself with what the final expression of the piece will look like. I simply tap into the moment and create. Each piece not only expresses the deeper nature of myself, but the deeper nature of reality. My work symbolizes the multi-dimensional sphere, the layers upon layers of reality in which we all intimately exist in.

An artist is a creator, a mystic, one who is able to give form to the formless. An artist taps in to the deepest parts of themselves and expresses their insights through physical form. This is what I do, this is what I am. As I have progressed in my work these are the understandings that I have reached. At the deepest level I am simply an instrument for the expression of a higher reality.

The complete body of Kel's work can be found at: