Michael Ketigian — Mind Mine

when i say that something is mine
i'm claiming ownership
but one can never truly own anything
outside of the imposed metaphysical framework of society

and so what is mine
other than my mind?

my body is on lease
and will be re-leased
back to the cosmos
when i cease
and then promptly de-cease
reborn in a storm of pure energy

but my mind is mine
my mind is my mine

so i mine my mind
and what i find
is mine

unless i share it
unless i dare to care for what i find in my mind mine
unless i chip away at ore stored in the core
smelt it into something pure and forge a thought

then melt it back down
let it take shape in a new mold
then break that into pieces
always rearranging and sifting

until i've claimed an idea
that contains something new
ripe for sanding, polishing
and eventually gifting

ideally something uplifting

because some mine for coal
while some mine for gold

but those findings are for naught
if we don't mine for soul

and try to find a way
to align our goals

so when i mine
i keep in mind
that we should strive to be whole

©  Matthew Hefferon, 2014

© Matthew Hefferon, 2014