Kevan Lunney — A Time To Rest

This series explores time, texture, and words of wisdom and uses iconography of text and the Enso circle. Gold is used to convey the value of words. The giant spiral ending in a central fireball speaks to the many forces in our lives.

Archeology Fragment # 24: A Time to Rest [56 x 64"]

Words appear in stitch across the distressed surface; Do what you can, and there is a time to rest and we are all afraid. This piece speaks to my desire to create balance and not be caught up in the whir of expectations.

The legible phrases in this piece are, do what you can, there is a time to rest, we are all afraid.

This work of fiber art is created on a whole cloth piece of linen. I make a stencil of short dashed lines that represent columns of text. I spray paint through the stencil to create a mark where I free motion machine stitch in a scribble that looks like writing. In some places there are legible words. This developed accidentally while stitching in a very long meditative state, on a piece in the beginning of the series.

Linen, stitching, paint, metal leaf

In that work the words, War, No more, promise appeared without my conscious knowledge. After the stitching, I machine wash and dry the piece on hot to shrink it and add texture. Then I apply layers of paint and metal leaf to the surface.

I am a woman still discovering her talents and purpose. I have two adult kids and a supportive husband. My background in sewing started around 8 years old and I went to FIT for fashion design and worked on Madison Ave as a sleepwear designer. My newest work is a 5 foot long neon light with industrial wool felt knitted into the neon tubes.
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