Kitty Ritig — 99%



What does it mean to do something to completion, 100% of it? To follow a procedure exactly? To follow a rule or ritual to perfection? How much sense might one lose through the process, trying to achieve a manmade, often self bestowed, standard of 100%? How stressful it can become, having something which at first one enjoyed doing become a chore.

Maybe that's why the word "freedom" sounds so beautiful: having no frames, no rules, no reoccurring patterns.

There is no standard criteria to create a portrait, there are endless methods utilizing the visual languages, mediums, and techniques available to the artist. There is no standard as to what a digital collage portrait should look like. Thanks to the long line of artists who came before, portraits today don’t even have to physically resemble the people they are of.

It's comforting to have this freedom.
And at the same time one can feel lost in it.

Maybe that's why, most of the time, when a convention is broken, a new one will invariably come into being.

To use only a specific category of photographs to fill the empty spaces in each portrait was the new rule in this series.

To fill lips and cheeks with hair and hair only...
To fill hair and brows with fruit and fruit only...
"What would you like to be filled with?"
"I want to be filled with flowers..."

To be covered with one thing, completely, absolutely, 100%
To follow one’s own silly rule even the tiniest spaces, some of which are not noticeable to the busy audience or even visible at the end of the process.
Does it matter what results from the process if one is not at peace with the process?

Around the world hundreds of thousands of customs, traditions and rituals, are passed on even when most of the people are no longer aware of or believe in the consequences.
Is it because the participants feel a sense of achievement, of belonging and satisfaction, regardless of the lost significance or the triviality?

No one has to reach that 100%
Even if it is possible.
That's not the point.

At the end I made a series of portraits keeping to my own rule, with a bunch of mini stories surrounding them.
The title of this series is not 100%, because these portraits are not 100% of anything. 

If you look closely, 
think openly,
you will see that.

And if you look closely,
think openly,
you will see that nothing is.


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