Matthew Hefferon — Sketchy Nonsense

Drawing is a very raw form of expression for me. I rarely start with an idea or concept when I turn to a new page. I put the pen down and allow the brain to move my hand as it pleases. The results are usually surprising. In many cases, I can track back influence, but never a reason or motive. These photos below are my first attempts to meld my two image creating passions. I started by opening my notebook and finding a few of my favorite pieces. Some were seemingly more complete than others, but as an immortal creative once said, art is never finished, only abandoned.

Here are my attempts to add a new perspective to my raw expression. The photos were created with a single light source, reflector, and in some cases, a prism to help combine multiple sketches into a single exposure. Raw files were processed using Lightroom.

Matthew Hefferon is a visual artist currently living in Brooklyn, intrigued by the weird and mundane of modern American living. For more of Matthews' work, visit his website