Ohan Hominis — A Little Ditty

A Little Ditty

Here's a little ditty about sitting ignorantly pretty
forgetting all else and focused on the itty bitty. 

We cry and we scream about our hopes and our dreams
ignoring the fact that the world is not quite what it seems.

Eventually we end up bidding the world adieu
having not opened our eyes or gleaned anything new.  

All the while, to ensure you don't grow, those in the know
take all you make as they put on a show.

They will dangle the carrot of money and fame
to distract you from the fact that it's all the same.

And so we age, break down, and fade away
thinking next time it won't be this way.

But all you must do to put the cycle to an end
Is get out from under and start your own trend.

Laugh and express and love all you see
For it is art and community that will set us all free.