Ohan Hominis — Acadia [Poem & Pictures]

The poem and the shots below are from a trip to Acadia National Park in May of 2016.


rolling surf thunders along protruding rocks,
ancient appendages thrust up from the sea,
facing teardrop islands scattered off shore
in the shadow of snow capped mountains
made of clouds sitting low on the horizon,
and behind me sit old wooden towers
on lush green carpets of moss,
creaking as they sway in the wind,
keeping time for the call of the squirrel
amidst fallen brothers and young growth,
while the rustling leaves and chirping birds
continue their sunlit serenade
and high tide calls to me like a lover
upon the gusts of wind above my head
as the dead feed new life with their souls,
for in the forest no one is forgotten
and the joy of heritage sweetens the air
thick with unwavering fortitude
from the tallest branches reaching for sky
to the lowest roots grasping the earth,
through flowing veins wound deep
into the earthen grooves of my mind,
it's all the same,
though the dance wavers in scales of time
my mind reclines in the infinity of the moment,
exhaling the truth of my existence
until my body is used by the life yet to come
and I am thrust into the thundering surf of eternity.