Ohan Hominis — Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams
Light dreams
Kingdoms built in sand
Play boxes scatter light
Thrown from mind
Through thoughts shadows
To be splattered onto walls
Painted with gods and pharaohs
Welcome whimsy traveler
Do you know where you are
Clouds cluttered flutter by
Weary lightning strikes your path
Among formally dressed cats
Dining around balloons
Shaped like baboons in pantaloons
Clock strikes twelve twice
Good fortune for our hero
As they cascade down a dragon’s back
To sprawl sheepishly
On the Shahs shag carpet
Before it shutters then flies away
On the skyway smooth
Like silky milk
Among stars strewn
Soon falling from fantastic heights
At frighteningly fabulous speeds
To crash down to earth
Back into the loamy sand
Malleable and magnificent
So it can dance once again
At the minds slightest delight.