Ohan Hominis — Mantra


I am made up of energy in constant motion,
Every moment I exist is a collapsed wave function,
That which is most probable defines the fabric of my being,
There are many lives thriving inside of the ecosystem that is my body,
My mind houses an entire universe,
The difference between the amount of space my body takes up in the universe outside my mind,
And the amount of space contained within it,
Makes the physical form nearly negligible, 
Except that its presence looms over my entire universe,
A base framework on which it runs and through which it processes.
My body is a beaker,
The balance of the solution affects my brain,
but it is also controlled by it,
My operating mind and my subconscious mind are split,
This is so I am not weighed down by the mass of operations that manifest my physical form,
But the subconscious can divert my active functions inadvertently,
Take control over the mind to take control over the body so the internal universe can run smoothly.
The mind’s capacity for bliss is limitless so long as I believe it to be so,
Nothing has intrinsic meaning nor inherent value,
I give meaning and I bestow value,
What I believe to be true is true,
This is what defines human subjectivity,
Look past the varying opinions to see that they don't matter.
Bliss matters,
It cannot be taken from others,
Bliss is achieved with others,
Love is a unifying beauty,
It is not better for it, it is defined by it,
Relinquish the hold the past and future have on the mind,
The past is constant, but every moment farther away,
And the future is unknowable but it is a product of the present,
And the present is ours,
We will gift it to ourselves and others,
Embody passion and enable it for those around us,
Peace is truth,
All else is a delusion.
Humanity is important because I deem it important,
Beauty of existence is limitless because I extract unlimited joy from it,
Fear is an illusion,
Frustration is an invented construct,
Understanding takes conscious thought,
Conscious thought is divine,
Creation is its magnum opus,
Expression is truth,
All else is delusion.
Bliss is in everything,
The act of experiencing is bliss,
Bliss is, And I am, What is is bliss,
To be, to exist, is to occupy a phase of personified bliss.
I am energy in constant motion.