Ohan Hominis — Praise Be To Humanity

Praise be to Humanity

“Praise be to the Lord, my rock,
who trains my hands for war,
and my fingers for battle.”
Psalm 144:1. The Holy Bible.

Taken out of context this psalm may be, but use it I still may.
It's the extremist’s misuse of words that causes the peaceful dismay.
For it is a book, a simple text, it is only a story,
And yet from any true divinity it robs all the glory.

Blame other religions for spreading violence
but vindicate one side's bombs by claiming holy compliance,
it's propaganda and bigotry that guides the hypocrisy,
all only identical ideologies guided by logical fallacy.

So called truths, self justifying, rely on ignorance
to maintain these vehicles of moral abhorrence,
perpetuating the all consuming culture of fear:
the strings on our backs that its rulers hold dear.

Organized religions are the problem, all beings know their own god,
any description by man is bound to be wrought with fraud. 
But go ahead, justify, hide behind an excuse,
add another reason to prolong the abuse.

This is not a new view, we know this story all too well,
those who push claims of heaven make earth a living hell.
God is something that humanity need not define,
for trying to sum the All with words can only divide.

The truth is, as we battle amongst ourselves sacrificing our health
It’s the warmongering elite that turn our blood into wealth.
So sit, meditate, pray, sing, dance, for any god you know,
just understand that we are all of It, so humanity can grow.