Pradeep Jagdish — Angel


Into the crowd I walked, with little fear and doubt, 
I looked around to see there was no way out.
then I feel a breeze of wind
It is as soft as a baby
as It travels along the land
then something caught my eye
there she was walking towards me,
and the summer's heat became a chill
she looked at me like a panther eyeing its kill
it was as if her legs never touched the ground
she was an angel in this sea of earthbound
I stood there and let the crowd carry me towards her
and the whole world seems to move in a blur
people moved away from her as she walked
as if making way for her
closer she got, wider my mouth opened
she was the definition of an angel
my eyes dilated and the heart rate quickened
yet it was as if no one saw her beauty
they all wade way and yet no one bothered to even glance at her
she was wearing a small piece of cloth
it was draped over her covering only her supple breasts and long legs
even then the sheer fabric covered her barely
she had a body which every man would idolize
and every woman would envy
and yet no one bothered to even look at her.

She stopped in front of me, looking at me in the eye
and I saw her eye was full of sadness
it was like I was staring into an endless abyss
I opened my mouth to speak only to find no words coming out
She leaned forward and got her face next to mine
my heart skipped a beat and my face flushed red
we stood there like that without anything being said
after what is seemed like an eternity
she said, now you are free
I'm come to take you
my eyes open to see chaos around
frantic calling and shouting everywhere
She is standing in the middle playing with her hair
smiling at me, in a mischievous way
she offers me a hand to pull me away
as I stand I look at the middle which is the main reason of commotion
only to see me lying there
confused, I look at her for explanation
and for a second got lost in her otherworldly beauty which takes away any man's breath
and  then it hit me
she had come for me
my angel of death.