Pradeep Jagdish — The Woe

The Woe

I was there, standing in the rain
hoping that it would wash away all my pain
drops on my skin felt like hot coal
as if they were trying to get to my soul
I started walking, just to get out of this fiery storm
hoping after all this, I would not transform
never thought my legs would give away like a pair of twigs

the rain stopped and the sun peeked
he looked at me lying alone, in a world so big
where people would walk past me
as if I was wrapped in an invisible cloak
some even stepped on me
like I was  part of the pavement block

he asked me why are you so  weak
I looked at my hands, to see nothing but bones
the rain had washed away everything,

I felt naked, exposed

I lay there, looking at the sun, smiling
He stared back at me,
As if he was the surgeon and I am the patient
all his warmth now absent
I could see my life in flashes
until I was left with nothing but ashes