Randev Perera — Unscripted


Do we live according to a pre-written plan?
Is there a writer who keeps messing with our scripts?
We never really know what life has in hand
So we play the cards we’re dealt and hope we don’t slip

Hard decisions plague our routines everyday
And we see people come in and out of our lives at will
Some we get close to and love and they leave anyway
When we question it, sometimes the answers make us ill

We look for friendship, compassion and above all loyalty
Particularly when things go wrong and we can’t thrive
And we’re treated like crap by wannabe royalty
We end up feeling like bad luck rules our lives

Funny thing is, we’re the only people who can control it all
Our fate can only be decided by the futures we want to see
We are the writers of our own stories, we decide if we rise or fall
It’s up to us to choose our fate, and write our unscripted destiny.


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