Michael Ketigian — sunset atop Gunung Raya

i ride and i ride
growing more and more comfortable with my motorized steed
gaining speed
leaning into every turn as i scale the mountainside

it's just me
and two wheels
and the open road

and i'm in control of what i put behind me
eager to greet whatever will meet me ahead

and now
planted atop this mountain
sun-stunned and blissful
a great warmth washes over me
separate from the heat
which has waned with the altitude

and the simple knowledge that i am here
     with the sun
     with the clouds
     with these incredibly friendly people
          who very clearly appreciate being part of this show
reminds me

this is it

the it
the big ohm
the lesson from the master
the answer to the riddle
the catharsis at the end of the novel or symphony

the sun and clouds continue to dance
the sun dives
driving the clouds into a trance
placid admirals of the sky
all emanating from a common ground
flat bottoms sprawling across hundreds of meters
exploding into three dimensions as they rise
never knowing or caring what they do to my eyes
but the effect is profound
as the sounds of the forest
remind us that it, too, is full of life
ripe with self-sustaining arrangements of matter
all of us just vibrating, scintillating energy
resonating with the force of that initial chord

the sun will go down
we will follow
the insect orchestra will continue to play

all of it
will continue to play

notes woven into a cosmic symphony
rippling infinitely outward
will continue to sing

as I continue to dance

until I forget

until I'm once again reminded of the music
by indiscreet interludes
such as this most glorious sunset