Sura Bartholomeusz — Among the Lotus

Among the Lotus

The lumbering pachyderms
ruled again.
The law of the jungle-
the voice of them all.
Creatures big and and small
moved in freedom
as the grass seemed greener
and the rains began to fall.
As the skies poured
continuous, relentless,
the rivers swelled,
the marshes overflowed.
They rejoiced at first
in the freshness of the jungle,
but the deluge continued,
no respite did it afford.
Flowers lay crushed,
the fruits lay rotting,
the giants knew not
how to care for the land.
The creatures grew weary,
their lives sodden,
they needed a leader
to take a stand.
One thing remained
and thrived on the downpour;
the lotus untouched,
rising above the flood.
It spread its seeming
beauty alongside
the jungle,
it spoke to the creatures,
it soothed their blood.
Even as the lotus
spread its seeds of calmness,
the creatures revived,
the blue blossom they trust.
They did not notice
the pachyderms in the water,
swimming amidst
the lotus buds.


My heart speaks and I write to heal the soul.

I work in the field of Speech and Drama and lecture Business English at various organisations. Although I studied and worked as an Attorney-at-Law for a while, my passion is in teaching and various forms of art.