Thanuj Dilshan Senaratne — Day 23. Gold

This is twenty third piece out of a collection of poems whose the titles come from the traditional gifts that are exchanged by couples for each year of their wedding anniversary.


Day 23. Gold

Dim-lit room;
a potful of ferns;
and the languid touch
of a hand on a ‘roll.

Nicotine never stained her;
and nay a lustrous hair
nor splash of ethanol-red
on corckscrew-flip nails
was ever off-key.

If a voice could take me;
to savour
the bluntness of a slash
of whiskey,
to the grittiness
of a mohair weft,
It would be hers.

Rings curl,
Holy calls of incense smoke;
we power play.

Men in suits
wrote the rules of this game,
after all.


Thanuj Dilshan Senaratne is a corporate writer by profession. He holds a degree in Psychology and French from the UK, and passes his free time indulging in travel guides, Instagram forages and musings on Buddhism. He also blogs on fashion at thesmilingtoucan.

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