Thoughts and Paintings

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about why I find art in museums so boring and exhausting.
Well to me it feels like the painters are all dead, it’s a one way communication..
Art is the most fun and mind expanding thing you can do! Yet it is always in the same form. Creator and observer. Why is this?
Can’t we make it more alive?

So rather than just showing you my artwork, I would like to pose a question with each piece. It shows you my intent or emotion behind it. And I hope it will make you think, or respond.. start a discussion with me or each other.

It’s a chance to live art and not just look at it. Taste it! Jump in! Join me ☺ .. ask me things! Or even help me create the next painting.

Here is why I love to create:

I make colourful art about people, to show them how beautiful they are and to help them to feel comfortable in their own bodies. But I also like to put social questions in my paintings to pose a mirror on what we are doing in everyday live and how we treat ourselves and each other.
It’s about time we start living with more respect to others and to nature.

Most of my art is about humans because I think we are the most fascinating things on this planet.
Drawing a person is so different from drawing a landscape or an animal, because people all have stories to tell and every posture gives you a small inside into their souls.

I paint on recycled materials that I find in the streets, to try and live more ecologically and to give new life to things that had no value anymore..

But mostly I paint because I think it is fun! In my art world I am free and I play with colours and lines like a happy child.. It’s a beautiful place where nothing is wrong, so I never correct anything. And then wonderful things come out that I wish to share.

Thank you!  

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