Tune C. Handa — Pure: Philosophy

Pure: Philosophy

We are much further today than we were a century ago in ending the tyranny due to the discovery of the lag. Over the last couple of decades we have furthered our studies substantially as a result of  the fabrics of information supplied to us by some of our supporters, and the undisclosed research on the undisclosed object. We are still working to reverse engineer the technology to better understand it, but, aside from the lag, all its components seem to be perfected. Periodically there occurs a moment wherein lies a small probability of success against the odds of an almost definite failure. If the attempt is failed, the lag will be fixed and neither you, nor anyone else, will ever have another shot.

The lag gives you only a second, two at most, to take your one shot; a chance to start the end of life as we know it and, in the case of success, claim your glory forever, freeing us all from literal slavery. That open second comes periodically, but there can only be one attempt. If you fail you do not only ruin your chances, you void years of preparation, and end all remaining hopes for a better life. Even if you succeed, the remaining steps must still be carried out without error by the others, or again all is lost.

Your presence here indicates that you, like us, are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. If the opportunity is not taken, we will remain in this seemingly infinite purgatory. Therefore, the shot must be taken at some point.

The first question is who. Are you bold enough to volunteer to be the one to take the shot? Can you handle the possibility of being the one who does even if it means you will, most probably, be the one who ends all hope? Will you take the risk of ending not only your life, but the lives of everyone you have ever known, ever heard of, and never known?

The second question is when. We work day and night to increase the probability of success,but, without being able to test the outcome in practice, we are only able to calculate the probability in theory. Knowing that in the case of failure it will be the end of all you know, how high would the probability of success need to be for you to give your consent for the shot to be taken? What if you knew the probability of success, even in theory, hadn’t even reached one percent despite the decades of studies. Would you still not give your consent until that probability was reached? What if in the time it takes to reach that probability they notice the lag, and fix it?

We know that taking advantage of the lag is our only option. We have been placing our members in key places within the system to be ready to take action when the shot is taken. In order to ensure that the volunteer is able to withstand the transformation, we have had numerous martyrs go through the complete upgrade with the hopes that our engineers would be able to make them withstand the transformation of their brains and remain self aware beyond what is allowed by the tech system.

We have yet to find the solution for this problem and therefore require more volunteers to undergo the upgrade in order to refine our methods. Once we succeed in achieving the transformation of a volunteer without relinquishing complete control, that volunteer can either chose to be the one who takes the shot, or stay within the system in an attempt to gather more information and increase our probability of success.

Do you want to be the one to take the shot? When would you want the shot to be taken? Who would you choose to initiate the revolution? Do you realize that you would be trusting this person with your entire existence?

The entirety of human history is littered with examples of the marginalized standing up to voice their dissention. Protests against the establishment are as old as civilization itself. The solutions have always been painful. The sacrifices have always been immense. This time however, the sacrifice is the possibility of losing everything forever. The solution is farfetched. Nonetheless, the status quo cannot be tolerated. This is more than a physical fight. This is a philosophical dilemma out of which we must find our way and risk it all.

Most of you are hearing this for the first time. I highly suggest you carefully consider your decisions. The odds against us are disheartening, but still we must press on. Neither choice provides any comfort, but that does not lessen the importance of our decisions. All of our members have faced these questions, yet only a few have reached a decision.

You have come here and opened your minds. These questions are burdens to carry as long as you live. For this I would like to apologize to you. And now, I would like to officially welcome you all.

Welcome to Ohm.