Jemy Francillon — Gomez Bids Farewell to Morticia

photo credit: Matt Hefferon

In light of Halloween's mummy/zombie-like (same thing?) shuffling approach, I thought I'd share this piece. There's never a shortage of the spooky, or the creepy, in the Addams Family mansion, but it was ever outmatched by the love. They were all remarkably invested in each other, life, and others. None exemplified the union of both elements than Gomez and Morticia. You'd be hard pressed to find a better love story than theirs. 

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Jemy Francillon — Ledgebound a.k.a. Mountain High

Some of the most important people in my life are embarking on incredible journeys to points all over the globe to follow their passions. Strangely enough, I feel no sadness at their departure, only joy. I feel so fortunate to know people who are off to do amazing things with and for the world. I'm excited to see the changes that fruit from it all. This is an encouragement, or even a plea, for everyone to go and do the same.

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Jemy Francillon - The Olé and Plié

Despite the delicacy and destruction of either art - or perhaps because of their presence in both, I've always see striking similarities between ballet and bullfighting.  The poise, grace, and precise showmanship always leaves me in slack-jawed wonder.  An immense power emanates from the matador and the ballerina.  There is something wonderfully commanding in both.

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