inverse K
(Michael Ketigian)

An inverse K [ ꓘ ] is

  • a symbol of community

  • a three-line reminder to see the you in me

  • an opportunity to choose to be greater than I [ > I ], greater than 1 [ > 1 ], ‘til Love and Knowledge claim their place in the sun.

I’m a storyteller — fundamentally. And poetry’s the most compelling means I know to grow collective reason exponentially. Like oral histories before me, these stories forged with rhythm-driven rhymes afford me an ability to efficiently transmit the facts.

Language is magic is sufficiently advanced technology, and given that, we oughta be ensuring that we grasp it with narratives informing how we use the tools we’re crafting.

And I’m an engineer too (says my degree at least), but I’m really a technologist who’s gotta mix these seemingly separate ends of the spectrum. I shape breath to explain tech — my small part to help take us to the apex.

The confluence of Art and Science. Imparting rhymes with a conscious mix of heart and mind. Our darkest times have only been survived with a sharpened resolution to communicate our issues to the largest group of humans.

So will you please help me craft some narratives? There’s no comparison to your unique perspective — get it? It’s collaborative!

Only together can we tread the best path forward.

And now you know me. What’s your story? Let’s get going.


Healing The Children Northeast travels around the world to low-income nations, providing medical attention to children requiring plastic surgery, giving them an opportunity to lead normal lives. Many of these cultures, particularly within small villages, often view something as basic as a cleft lip as a curse upon the child and family. This precludes the children from any semblance of a normal life, essentially ending their journey before it begins. [More information in the Youtube description!]


A hiphop overview of Blockchain, performed live right before The Woz took the stage!
Las Vegas, 2018

Technology and Social Impact

A call to reevaluate how we treat our planet and, in turn, ourselves.
San Francisco, 2018

An open letter to people who blame technology for our problems.
San Francisco, 2018

In 2014, I was invited to present at a forum exploring how the arts facilitate political discourse by highlighting how science can facilitate the arts. A portion of this presentation explored how Google Glass could impact political relationships and humanitarian relief efforts.

I storyboarded, scripted, co-produced, and hosted the video.


"Everything is art, and everyone is an artist."
TEDxColombo, 2016