Michael Ketigian / inverse K

Greetings! Michael here. For some background, here's an overview of my internal narrative:

I serve two core social functions, which each uniquely contribute to building communities.

  1. As a storyteller, I focus on distilling humanity's social and technological evolution through performance poetry and rap.
  2. As a technologist, I leverage Agile project management to deliver socially meaningful software, like Good Market.

I perform under the name inverse K. An inverted [ K ] is [ >I ], which means greater than I, greater than 1. This symbol is a reminder to see beyond the self — that life is about community. And when I perform, I'm K[etigian]...in verse. Gotta love a good pun!

I've performed at the UN, TEDx, and various exhibitions and conferences focused on topics like blockchain, sustainability, and the intersection of science and art.


A hiphop overview of Blockchain, performed live right before The Woz took the stage!
Las Vegas, 2018

An open letter to people who blame technology for our problems.
San Francisco, 2018

A call to reevaluate how we treat our planet and, in turn, ourselves.
San Francisco, 2018

"Everything is art, and everyone is an artist."
TEDxColombo, 2016


In 2014, I was invited to present at a forum exploring how the arts facilitate political discourse by highlighting how science can facilitate the arts. A portion of this presentation explored how Google Glass could impact political relationships and humanitarian relief efforts.

I storyboarded, scripted, co-produced, and hosted the video.